What You Need To Know About Web Hosting

What You Need To Know About Web Hosting

Whether you’re looking to change web hosts or you’re starting a site for the first time, you need to find the right host for your requirements. To find out what you need to look for — and what to look out for — take a look at these tips that will help you find a [...]

The Web can be a dangerous place. Let Site Scanner protect you.

Website Protection Site Scanner

Tucker Hosting’s Site Scanner looks for weaknesses on your website that a hacker can exploit. It scans forms, login and password fields, internal and external links – places where a hacker could get in to deface your website, steal information or infect your customers with malware. Site Scanner scans for more than 3,000 vulnerabilities every [...]

The Best Web Hosting Solution For Your Business

The Best Web Hosting Solution For Your Business

Do not subscribe to a web hosting solution until you learn more about these services and get a better idea of what you need. Start by reading this article and make sure you use these tips when looking for a web hosting solution. Take the time to make plans for your site. You should get [...]

How To Avoid Web Hosting Blunders

Web Hosting Blunders

When you think you are ready to create a site there are a lot of things to consider. This is because when you realize that you want to create a site you also realize that you have to find a good host as well. You also have to think about other things such as SEO, [...]

What to Look For When Choosing A Web Host

What to Look For When Choosing A Web Host

There are so many web hosts out there today it is hard to narrow your focus to just a couple of options. Therefore you have to know what to look for when you are trying to choose a web host. This is why you should keep yourself informed because when you are informed you know [...]

How To Find A Great Web Host

Great Web Host

Since the Internet is picking up new sites every day there is a demand for web hosts that are going to provide you with quality service. This is why you should be on the search for a web host that is going to be reliable, because there are so many out there today but few [...]

Picking The Perfect Web Host

Perfect Web Host

Creating and managing a website is hard as it is, let alone picking who to choose to host your site. There are a lot of things you have to consider when trying to find a host that is going to suit your site’s needs. That is why you are going to want to make sure [...]

Marketing Budget – How Much Should You Spend?

Marketing Budget

One of the most popular questions that small business owners ask of marketing people is: How much should I spend on marketing? This of course is a tough question to answer simply. One of the key things to remember is to make sure you continue to test and measure… always making sue you have a [...]

Extreme Fanbase Growth

Extreme Fanbase Growth

The Free Facebook 2012 webinar held January 31, 2012 had OVER 12,000 registrations, at last count, and more than 5,000 people attended the Live event. Mari Smith did a beautiful job with a new format and outstanding information. The big announcement during the webinar was her LiveStream webinar beginning February 14th offered twice a week [...]

The #1 Mistakes Business Make on Facebook


The is a message to all my fellow small business owners out there… If you violate Facebook’s Terms of Service you are putting yourself at risk for having your account deleted. If you create a profile for your business, you are in violation – which is not a big deal, especially if you just started. [...]

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